Ripples Coffee Experience

Personalize your drinks with custom logos, images and text!

The Ripples Coffee Printer

Watch the video above to see how it works and then ask us about bringing this awesome new technology to your event!

Would you really like to impress your guests?  Are you promoting your brand or product?  How would you like to have your initials or photos printed on top of the coffees for your guests at your wedding reception?  Want to show off the mascot of your high school or the college you are headed off to?

With our new Ripples coffee art – you can do all of this!  Your guests can even send us pictures they have on their phones and in just a few moments that picture will be on their coffee!

How does this work?  Using the latest internet of things technology, we can print any photo, logo, image or text on top of your coffee!  This food-safe printing technology uses coffee oils as the ink and doesn’t alter the taste of the beverage at all.

Options available for the Ripples Experience include:

  • Ripples Web App Experience
    • Your guests can scan a QR code with their phones at our coffee cart (no downloads required!) and instantly have any photo on their phone applied to the top of their drink in just a few seconds!
  • Custom Web Portal
    • Using the same QR code option above, your guests can be greeted by a custom web portal featuring you, your company or special event! You can select the images your guests can print or let them choose their own or create a custom message! The picture shown here is a sample of a custom web portal your guests will be greeted with when they scan your events custom QR code! Everything shown in this image can be customized for the ultimate branding experience!
    • Watch this video to see how we can customize your web portal! Don’t worry about the design aspects of this – we will take care of this for you. This video just shows you what we can do from our backend of the Ripples Maker.
  • Logo  & Design Options
    • We will send you directions and templates to design your own image, text or logo.  You then send us the file so we can add it to your drinks.