Frequently Asked Questions

This page last updated on May 2, 2024.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes!  We are fully licensed and insured as a catering company.  A COI will be provided after receiving the necessary information and a copy of our catering license will be provided upon request. Please be sure to verify all service providers for your event are licensed and insured – there are many illegitimate vendors that “fly under the radar” providing food, beverage and event services that do not meet these basic requirements.

Will you set up your services in my backyard, side yard, front yard or inside my house?

We no longer provide any of our services at your house unless it is in the garage or driveway.  The main reason being it is very difficult to haul our commercial catering equipment into yards or inside your house.  These types of setups usually involve steep hills, are uneven and involve steps or stairs making for a very difficult setup.

If hiring us for any of our  services at your house, we are only able to provide the service in your garage or driveway. No exceptions.

If you are hosting the event in a party room at a condo or apartment building that has ramp access and/or elevators (no steps or stairs at all) we can still cater the event for you.

What do you need from me?

Unless discussed otherwise, all we need from you is access to a sink before and after the service, a 10×10 space to set up, and to be within 25′ of a standard dedicated electrical outlet.  1 dedicated outlet per espresso machine.

All service locations must be flat, level and paved.  No grass.

If we are setting up outside, such as on a driveway or sidewalk, we need you to provide a tent, shelter or other similar protective covering to protect our staff and equipment from the sun and/or weather.  If you can not provide this for us, we will bring our own.  There is a $250 fee for this.

All outdoor services must have an outdoor ambient temperature of at least 60°F for the entire service for us to provide outdoor services. 

Product Questions

Are your products gluten free?

    • Here is a list of items that may or may not contain gluten:
      • Coffee beans = Gluten free
      • Flavored Syrups = Yes, all are gluten free
      • Sweeteners: Splenda = Gluten free, Sugar in the raw = gluten free
      • Cocoa Powder = Gluten free
      • Smoothies = Gluten free
      • Bottled water (used in our espresso machines) = Gluten free
      • Loose leaf & bag tea = gluten free
    • Some of our products potentially having gluten:
      • Gelato, sorbet, ice creams:  Most are gluten free, depends on the variety.  Please ask if you are concerned about this.

Other Questions

I am hosting or helping plan a fundraiser, dance competition, gymnastics meet or other special event where I would like guests to be able to purchase a cup of coffee. Will you come to our event and sell your coffee, smoothies or gelato?

  • No. We do not provide this type of service.

Are your products allergy free?

While we pride ourselves on keeping our service areas very clean and do what we can to prevent cross-contamination, guests with any type of food and/or beverage allergies should know our products are made on equipment that may have trace elements of nuts, egg, dairy, wheat, soy, almond, sesame and other allergy inducing items.