Espresso Machine Rental

Espresso Machine Rentals

We rent our coffee cart equipment too!

Equipment rental is ideal for a customer that wants to use a commercial espresso machine and other required equipment to make espresso drinks but doesn’t want to have one of our baristas on-site to make the drinks and provide full service.  Equipment rental is best suited for someone wanting to use the commercial equipment for an entire day or even an entire week.

Espresso Machine Rental
Espresso Machine Rental

We do not provide long-term rentals and all rentals must be within the Minneapolis metropolitan area.  We do make some exceptions to this rule, if you would like to know if you can rent our equipment, give us a call!  Please note we do not ship our equipment.  All rental locations must be within drivingdistance of Minneapolis (we have rented our equipment in Milwaukee so we do travel!)

Our rental program includes delivery, set up, tear-down and basic barista training.  It helps if you have someone that has some barista experience.  The rental also includes bottled water for the espresso machine.  Every machine we rent uses standard electrical service – no high power requirements at all.

If you need coffee beans, chocolates, flavored syrups or smoothie mixes, we sell a wide variety of freshly roasted coffee beans, teas, coffee house chocolates, Monin gourmet flavoring syrups and real fruit smoothie purees. Our prices on these items are very low – cheaper than what you would find in a grocery store or online specialty retailer AND these are professional coffee house supplies – not your generic everyday grocery store items!

We rent our blenders, espresso grinders, coffee carts and other coffee shop equipment as well.

For more information about our equipment rentals, please call us at 612-746-3975.