Catering Information & Service Contract

This our current customer information, service contract and cancellation policies. Please contact us with any questions.

Unless otherwise noted La Vita will provide all items necessary to fulfill the hired services – see paragraph 3 for exceptions. La Vita will also provide staff and reserves the right to choose which equipment is needed to fulfill these services. La Vita will determine how many servers are necessary for each event based on the services, guest count & duration. Client may hire additional servers, at client’s expense, if desired.

Unless otherwise noted client or location must provide a dedicated 20 amp/110 volt electrical circuit within 25’ of service area. If needed, client must provide extension cords greater than 25 feet and cord must be 14 gauge or larger diameter (the smaller the gauge number the better).


Tax: All sales are subject to applicable state and local sales tax, unless for resale. Unless a valid Tax Exempt form is provided to La Vita, sales tax will be charged.  Per Minnesota Department of Revenue, all catering sales are taxed unless for resale!  A properly completed Minnesota ST3 form must be submitted to La Vita Espresso prior to the service.

Set Up & Fees: For locations and routes which client has direct control, client must provide La Vita with an easily accessible route for setup and tear-down purposes. Route must not have stairs, snow/ice or other obstructions. Location where La Vita will set up must be free of furniture and other objects. If La Vita staff needs to rearrange/move any furniture or objects, shovel snow, or encounters any obstructions along the route, La Vita reserves the right to charge up to a $100 set up fee, in addition to any additional set up fees, which will be added to the invoice.

Residential locations, unless we are set up in your driveway or garage, will have a $75 setup fee added to the invoice.  

Given the unique circumstances at every location we cater, we reserve the right to choose the equipment (machines, carts, table, etc) to be able to properly, and safely, set up our catering area and provide the services we were hired for.  This may involve using folding tables with black linens rather that our rustic wooden carts.  Any cancelation due to these unique circumstances shall be held to the cancelation policy listed below.

Locations requiring the use of a loading dock will be subject to a $25 dock fee.

Any undisputed fees added to the invoice on the day of service will be paid within 10 business days of service date.

Service Fees: All sales are subject to a service charge of 18% and will be listed on the estimate/invoice if added. If the service fee is not shown on the estimate or invoice, the service fee will not be added. The service charge is not a gratuity and if client wishes to add a gratuity, it is always appreciated.

La Vita Espresso reserves the right to charge a fee for paying invoices with a credit card.  If we charge this fee, the fee will be 3% and we will inform you of this via email and/or verbally and the fee will be listed on the invoice.


La Vita will confirm all details of event approximately 1 week prior to the day of the event. La Vita will base all purchases and billing on that information. La Vita will guarantee to have enough product to serve the number of guests indicated plus 10%.

If there are any changes in the guest count and/or changes in the duration of service, it is the responsibility of the client to communicate changes to La Vita no less than three business days prior to the event. If less than 3 days, client may be able to increase the guest count and/or duration of the service but not decrease them. Changes made will be reflected on the final invoice.

If client wishes to increase the length of service on the day of the event, while our staff is on site, client may request staff to stay longer. Staff will make every possible effort to stay longer, however, La Vita can not guarantee server availability unless notified by the above stated deadline.

In this situation, if the duration of the service is extended, client will be billed for additional time. La Vita reserves the right to increase the hourly charge if the duration of the service is increased after the deadline stated above. La Vita reserves the right to adjust the billing if the actual guest count is higher than stated by the client as shown on the invoice.


A minimum 50% deposit based on the quotation or invoice is required to secure our services. The deposit is not refundable and will be applied toward your final bill. A final invoice will be sent prior to the event and/or presented on the day of service or sent after the event if any adjustments are made on site.

Payment in full must be received on or before the date of service unless prior arrangements have been made.


Cancelation will be handled as stated below. “Notice Given” will refer to the original booking date (the original date of service) and the date in which client first notified La Vita of the cancelled service.

Notice Given

Amount Due

3 or more days

50% of invoice

Less than 3 days

100% of invoice

June & December Exceptions

Notice Given

Amount Due

10 or more days

50% of invoice

Less than 10 days

100% of invoice

If for any reason client does cancel, client has the option to reschedule identical services within the current calendar year for another date and time when La Vita Espresso is available. If client does reschedule and cancels again, the total due amount listed on the invoice will be due on the secondary date of service which was chosen by the client.

If client has booked by paying more than the 50% required down payment and cancels, a refund will be issued within ten days less the 50% non-refundable deposit and any amount due La Vita Espresso according to the cancelation chart above.

It is the wish of La Vita that the client is completely satisfied with our services. La Vita guarantees all services according to this contract and invoice. In order to achieve satisfaction of the client, La Vita will reimburse the client for any unfulfilled portion of this contract for which La Vita is directly responsible. The client is still responsible for all charges of the contract that La Vita is able to fulfill.


Client will indemnify La Vita from and against all losses, expenses, damages, claims, or liabilities (including the prevailing party’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) incurred by La Vita that arise from or in connection with (i) the negligence or misconduct of the client, its agents, contractors, or employees under this agreement; or (ii) any breach of the covenants, representations, or warranties of the client made under this agreement.

La Vita will indemnify the client from and against all losses, expenses, damages, claims, or liabilities (including the prevailing party’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and expenses) incurred by the client that arise from or in connection with (i) the negligence or misconduct of La Vita, its agents, contractors, or employees under this agreement; or (ii) any breach of the covenants, representations, or warranties of La Vita made under this agreement.

I have read and agree to the above policies. I have read and agree with the information contained in the quotation and/or invoice. I agree to pay all undisputed charges due La Vita according to this contract. I agree that if any undisputed charges are left unpaid, I am responsible for any cost on the part of La Vita to collect the unpaid amount, including all collection costs, court costs and attorney’s fees.

Last updated:  May 1, 2018